2015 Castador "La Metamorphika" Chenin Blanc, 750ml

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Biodynamic and organic Chenin Blanc grown in Catalonia that's fermented with indigenous yeasts on the skins for one week (orange wine anyone?). Fermentation is done in amphora, the large clay vessels that would've been used in ancient winemaking. Rested on the lees in large, old oak casks for 5 to 6 months before being bottled unfiltered.

Notes from the importer (Savio Soares):

"Costador, run by Joan Franquet, works only using organic and biodynamic practices, on a singular mountain where there are very old vineyard (someone of them certified). The vineyards are very old, the major part between 60 to 110 year, spanning different “terroirs” (slate, clay and limestone) at altitudes between 400 to 800 meters. With the high contrast of temperatures, the grapes can mature for long periods allowing the preservation of freshness and acidity. The temperatures are always controlled throughout the entire process, from the moment we pick up the grape to fermentation and aging. The estate strives to preserve the authentic flavor and taste of the varietals, only using wild and autochthonous yeasts for fermentation. The major part of the fermentation s don amphora or stainless steel tanks, along wit used French and acacia oak barrels. Aging is done in amphorae and used oak as well. The estate allows a genuine wine to develop from it's place of origin."

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