2015 Ca' dei Zago Prosecco Col Fondo, 750ml

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A lovely, thirst-quneching sparkling Veneto white made with traditional methods. "Col Fondo" is a term for unfiltered Proseccos, meaning they pour cloudy and with yeasty characteristics on the palate. The wine is finished in the bottle, getting its bubbles from the finishing of the natural fermentation, a process common before tank pressurization became popular in the 70s. Biodynamically farmed with the vines never has been touched by herbicides or pesticides. 

From the mouth of the importer (Jenny & Francois):

"Light and refreshing, this 10% alcohol wine can be enjoyed with any food, and at any time of day. In Valdobbiadene, Prosecco Col Fondo is often stored standing upright, then decanted into a pitcher, reserving the last bit of sediment-rich wine to be tasted separately.

The grapes are harvested and selected by hand then pressed using the delicate force of gravity, as the grapes never pass through pumps. After a smooth pressing, the must rests and decants for 24 hours. At the end of the second day the must is racked off and fermentation begins in concrete tanks, lasting for about 10-20 days, depending on the year. The wine is poured and sulfur is added to avoid oxidation. For the whole winter season the wine rests and is decanted in stainless steel tanks with periodical remuage in order to keep it homogeneous, and to let the yeast work. The cellars are positioned outside so as to increase the exposition of the wine to the winter cold in addition to the contact with the lees, producing the natural tartaric and protein stability of Glera wine. When the wine is around 1% short of finishing fermentation, it is transferred to bottle after a very light filtering, where it finish its fermentation."

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