2017 Nusserhof Blatterle, 750ml

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One of our absolute faves from northern Italy. Complex,ample, and kinetic. Farmed Organically.

From the mouth of the distributor (Bowler):

"100% Blatterle. This old indigenous variety goes back centuries in the Alto Adige but has shrunk down to a mere 1.5 hectares today. Nusserhof is one of only 3 growers of this rarity and the largest of them. The vines are trained in Guyot, rather than in the traditional pergola, which was conducive to the development of rot in this thin-skinned, golden-yellow grape. Like all of Nusserhof's vines, the Blatterle is farmed organically and harvested by hand; there is only enough to yield about 40 hectoliters annually. The fruit is destemmed, fermented with native yeasts, gently pressed and aged in tank only. The name "B..." is the short form of  the variety: since Blatterle is not recognized by Italian wine authorities and the wine classified as a Vino Bianco, it cannot appear on the label. The same goes for vintage, which is indicated in fine print as lot number."

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