2014 Schwarzbock Gelber Mustateller, 750ml

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Aromatic, crisply dry white wine from Austria. Gelber Mustateller is the same grape as Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, an ancient and floral-toned white variety that makes superbly quaffable wines. 

From the mouth of the importer (Skurnik):

"Weingut Schwarzböck is based in the village of Hagenbrunn, which is basically at the city-line of Vienna. The village’s unique geology and position make it an ideal and interesting terroir for grape growing, very close to the Danube River. The soils in Hagenbrunn are loess, sand and marl with a very special terroir of stony flysch, which produces an excellent rielsing. This remarkable and small (50m) band of marine sedimentary sandstone (flysch) on the steep slopes of the Bisamberg hill gives Schwarzböck’s riesling a truly unique character.

In the winery, gravity flow is used in order to avoid pumping the wine. The wines are then allowed to mature slowly in stainless steel tanks and bottled when they are deemed mature and ready, often relatively late in context of their Austrian counterparts."

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