2014 Pierre Frick Cermant d'Alsace "Amplitude", 750ml

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Biodynamic bubbles from Alsace! What isn't to love about that? Half Riesling and half Pinot Blanc, primary ferment done in large old foudres with ambient yeasts and no temperature control and bottled without added sulfur and no dosage. Pierre Frick has been farming biodynamically since 1981, and is certified by Demeter.

From the mouth of the importer (T. Edwards):

"In the cellar, Frick stopped chaptalization of most of their wines in 1980, and of all of their wines in 1988. Employing natural yeasts only, Frick will jumpstart a stalled fermentation by topping off the cask. To better develop an Alsatian character, they let the wines lie on its fine lees for 5 to 9 months, in oak casks that are up to a century old, without any additional stirring. "

"Wine is not about the mind. It's about music. It's art. It's sensory." --Pierre Frick

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