2014 Movia Sauvignon, 750ml

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Biodynamic Sauvignon from an often overlooked corner of Eastern Europe that achieves the complexity of some of the finest French regions? What a brilliant idea.

From the mouth of the importer (Domaine Select):

"Lying along the prime strip of land that adjoins the Italian and Slovenian sides of the Collio, the Movia estate has been in existence since the year 1700. It was purchased by the Kristancic family in 1820 and is currently run by the iconic Aleš Kristancic. As a child, working with his father at the winery when he would have preferred to play soccer, Aleš dutifully helped his father transfer wines from barrel to barrel as the new moon rose. Today he passionately implements the rigorous biodynamic principles handed down to him while simultaneously experimenting to produce wines of unprecedented purity and authenticity. His distinct vision stems from the wisdom of eight generations who lived among the vines and in the cellar, coupled with a natural intuition for the relationship between nature, soil, vines, and wine."

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