2014 Monje Listan Nergo Tradicional, 750ml

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A medium-bodied, dry and mineral red from the Canary Islands off the North African coast. A blend of 85% Listan Negro, 10% Negramoll, 5% Listan Blanco which are co-fermented in steel before being aged in large old American oak casks. Listan Nergo is a red-berried mutation of the Spanish white variety, Palomino Fino. It came along with the settlers from Iberia to the islands hundreds of years ago and has proven to be well suited to the warm climate and volcanic soils of Tenerife. 

From the mouth of the importer (David Bowler):

"The Monje family has been making wine since 1750. For generations they have passed their passion for and knowledge of the land from father to son. Today Felipe Monje continues the family tradition. Felipe stewards some of the oldest vines on Tenerife (300+++ years old!) and his cellar, full of 200-year old barrels, is a paen to the history of the trade routes that first brought the Canary Islands to worldwine viticultural renown."

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