2014 Messmer Pinot Noir, 1L

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A herbal tones, cherry-fruit and stemmy tannins abound in this liter-sized German Pinot Noir. Messmer is from the Pfalz in the country's southeast, where they are practicing organic farming and currently converting to biodynamics. The wine is aged in large 3000 to 5000 liter wooden barrels for nine months prior to bottling. Never fined, no preservatives at added during the winemaking and other mucking around like de-acidification, just pure terroir-driven wine.

From the mouth of the importer (Terry Theise):

"No one likes a word such as “cerebral” when you want to sell wine. At least until there’s a glass in your hand, and you get blasted away by how impressive the contents are. What would you call wines like these, then? Not “sensual,” not “hedo-nistic,” not “gushing fruit-bombs leering seductively at you.” Cerebral—which doesn’t mean “cold” and doesn’t mean “bloodless” and doesn’t mean “geeky.” It means they taste not only like a smart person made them; they taste as though they themselves are smart. They have a surgeon’s calm and poise."

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