2014 Il Cerchio Ansonica Toscana Bianco,750ml

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A clean and bright Tuscan white wine that makes a perfect pairing for vegetables and fish. 90% Ansonica and 10% Vermentino that organically farmed on the clay and limestone soils of Costa dell’Argentario. Removed immediately from the skins to be fermented in stainless steel vats yielding a dry yet fruity wine.

From the mouth of the importer (Jenny & Francois):

"Corinna, Valentio, and their son Beniamino had an architecture and town planning consultancy in Milan before purchasing almost 9 hectares of land, which included a small vineyard and a few olive trees in Maremma that they hoped would become a retreat for their retirement. After four years of traveling between Milan and the farm, they decided to move to the farm permanently in 1992, as a change in their lifestyle. Il Cerchio is located on a reasonably flat area between the village of Capalbio and the sea, 60 km south of Grosseto in Tuscany.

The choice of organic methods of production was made from the very birth of the enterprise in 1988, in the conviction that having respect for the environment and health of consumer and producer are fundamental concepts on which to build on and give to a future not only dedicated to agriculture but to the entire ecosystem."

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