2014 Heitz Napa Valley Grignolino,750ml

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Founded in 1961, Heitz Cellars has gained renown as a Napa Valley producer of Cabernet, even taking 3rd place in in the famous 1976's Judgment of Paris that brought attention to California internationally. However, when the Heitz family took over the vineyard they kept some plantings of a Northern Italian variety called Grignolino, one of the many the Italian viticultural pioneers brought to the region, and they continue to make a lively aromatic red wine from it to this day. 

From the mouth of the producer:

"The Heitz family’s love affair with Grignolino began in 1961 when Joe and Alice purchased their first 8-acre vineyard. Previous owner Leon Brendel christened the property "The One & Only", an homage to the only varietal he planted — the zesty Grignolino often referred to as "the little strawberry" in its native Italy. Even avid fans sometimes mispronounce it, but we know what they want — our exuberant, aromatic "Green-o-lean-o!"

Versatile and vivacious, this wine is filled to the brim with sweet red berry flavors and garnished with just a hint of orange peel, giving it a wonderful finish. A natural match for lighter fare or even a slice of pizza."

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