2014 Gradizzolo Le Anfora Pignoletto Emilia Bianco,740ml

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A rustic white wine made in a clay amphora like the Romans would have utilized. The clay is the same as found in the vineyard and has a strong influence on the wine, adding herbal and mineral qualities for a unique flavor. Made of the indigenous Pignoletto variety, grown organically and fermented with native yeasts then bottled unfiltered. 

From the mouth of the importer (Weygant-Metlzer):

"Antonio Ognibene makes expressive, white wines from grapes specific to the Emilio Romano region.  Il Bersot 1933 is 80 year old vines Pignoletto and is only produced in great vintages as the vines are so old and fragile.  The Pignoletto Anfore is fermented, as are all his wines unsing indeigenous yeasts and aged in traditional 1000 Liter Anfore made from the clay earth at Gradizzolo.  Naigarten is an ancient word for the Negrettino grape that has been grown on the steep slopes of the Gradizzolo winery since 1900.  This dark colored, organic wine is aged in large barrels, hand-harvested in small cases and bottled unfiltered."

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