2016 Domaine Overnoy-Crinquard Arbois-Pupillin Poulsard,750ml

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Poulsard finds its home in the limestone soils of Pupillin. With the deft touch of three generations the farm is able to craft delicate, and of the earth styled wines.

From the importers mouth( Rosenthal Wine Merchants): This domaine, situated in the center of the village of Pupillin, in the heart of the Arbois appellation, is three generations old. Mikael Crinquand tends the viticultural side of this multi-faceted family operation. The Overnoy-Crinquand families have always managed their holdings within Pupillin in a poly-cultural, organic fashion, tending seventy cows to produce milk for the famous Comté cheese of the region, harvesting grains and cereals and producing wine from the 5.5 hectares dedicated to vineyards.

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