2016 Adega Regional de Colares "Chao Rijo Branco",750ml

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A salty, tart dry white from the sandy shores of the Atlantic. Colares is a small wine region outside of Lisbon, slow disappearing under pressure of the city's sprawl. There's a unique microclimate and soil conditions that have produced some of Portugal's most respected wines for centuries. The sandy soils prevented the spread of the phylloxera louse here, so this wine is from rare native rooted Malvasia vines. An ideal seafood wine, though well-suited to chicken, pork and green vegetable dishes as well.

From the mouth of the importer (Jose Pastor):

"Colares is in a beautiful area right on the ocean close to Lisbon, a choice place for city dwellers to create weekend homes. For the past fifty or so years, vineyards have been replaced by beach houses, chipping away at the Colares DO (a mere 12 acres remain). Because of the sandy soils, Colares was able to escape phylloxera and is the only region in Portugal where American rootstock didn't need to be extensively used. Planting the vines is painstaking; you dig into the sand until you hit clay, which can be a far as nine feet down. The combination of the work involved with maintaining the vineyards and the value of the real estate have threatened the vineyards with extinction. Thankfully, Adega Regional de Colares is putting in enormous energy in keeping Colares alive. While adhering to the traditional winemaking of the area, the co-op has been making improvements, getting rid of dirty, old barrels that at one time gave the co-op a bad name, and incorporating temperature control to maintain freshness. The wines are impeccably balanced with a sandy texture and vivid flavors that could only come from the influence of the Atlantic."

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