2013 Rocca di Montegrossi Chianti Classico,750ml

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Pitch perfect Chianti Classico from an historic estate. We beleive that there are absolute gems to be found in Chianti Classico in the mid $20 pricepoint. This historic, traditional estate is juicy, woodsy Tuscan reds that will make you stop and appreciate the music.

From the importers mouth(T.Edwards): Located in the Commune of Galole, in the heart of Chianti, Rocca di Montegrossi was established in the 7th Century AD, by the family's ancestor Geremia. Surviving the reign of Frederick the Great, the battles of the Florentines and the razing by Charles V's troops, the family of Rocca di Montegrossi has shown great fortitude over the years, including the strength of conviction of its present holder, Marco Ricasoli-Firidolfi.

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