2013 Kabaj Goriska Brda Rebula, 750ml

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A brighter style of amber wine that would dance toe-to-toe with chicken dishes or root vegetables.

From the importer's mouth (Blue Danube):

 Rebula has been grown in Brda since the 13th century. Translating to “re-boil,” it references the wine’s proclivity to going through the secondary, malolactic fermentation. The grapes were hand harvested in late September from the Belo-Vhr and Neblo-Vhr vineyards, de-stemmed, and fermented on the skins for 30 days with wild yeast. Distinctively spicy and orange hued, it has aromas more reminiscent of red wine, including cherry and pepper. Despite a month of the skins, this is not an oxidatively styled orange wine, but rather a white wine with texture without sacrificing acidity. A perfect pairing with pork, freshwater fish, and earthy vegetables.

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