2012 Sikele Terre Siciliane Nero D'Avola, 750ml

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Influenced by one of the figureheads of the natural wine movement in Sicily, Sikele makes their wines naturally with native yeasts. Sikele farms organically and grows a wide variety of both native Italian grapes and international varieties from France and Spain. One of the most important indigenous grapes of Sicily, Nero d'Avola, makes medium-bodied reds with sweet cherry and plum tannins and spicy notes. 

From the mouth of the importer (Zev Rovine):

"Angelo Paternò worked for 25 years as the winemaker and technical director for the Sicilian wineries Cantine Settesoli and then Duca di Salaparuta and then bought 60 hectares (148 acres) on a hill formerly known as Poggio dei Fossi in the southeastern Sicilian province of Siracusa, near the town of Pachino, where he thought the land was one of the best viticulture areas in Sicily.

He handed the reins over to his daughters, Marilina and Federica, and still helps them in the cellar. They grow orcanically and favor strict minimal intervention and additives in the cellar, with an approached influenced by local natural winemaking master Frank Cornelissen. Almost half of the land is dedicated to polyculture in order to nurture the ecosystem."

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